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Beyoncé's designer fire extinguishers in her $95 million Beverly Hills mansion.

The 27,000 lbs extinguisher, the 1666 Great Fire of London.


Who said fire extinguishers are boring?


1) It's said that Ctesibius of Alexandria invented a hand pump that was able to disperse water to fires in 200BC!

2) The first patented fire extinguisher was invented by Ambrose Godfrey, a German chemist, in 1723 in England, and used gunpowder and fuses for expelling the liquid.

3) In the Middle Ages, 'squirts' were first used. Applying jets of water to fires worked very similar to a bike pump, dipping the nozzle in water, sucking up one litre of water by pulling a plunger. Squirts were used on the 1666 Great Fire of London.

4) The first portable fire extinguisher, was invented by Captain George William Manby, a British Captain and Inventor in 1818. Made of a copper container filled with potassium carbonate and pressurised air. It was called the "Extincteur".

5) Around 1912 Pyrene pioneered the carbon tetrachloride or CTC extinguisher, where the liquid was expelled from a brass or chrome container by hand pump, onto a fire. This was highly toxic and sometimes even deaths occurred from using these extinguishers in confined spaces.

6) The biggest extinguisher in the world, made by Hungarian engineers, is called the "big wind". They removed gun turrets from an old Russian tank, replaced them with 2 turbines from a MiG-21 fighter jet.

It's 27,000 pounds, 4591 cubic feet per second of air travelling 770 miles per hour. 8000 gallons of water per minute!

7) In contrast the worlds smallest fire extinguisher is 24.2cm in length and weighs 480 grams, which is about the same as a sky remote. Or a grenade style extinguisher measuring at 14cm!

8) Extinguishers have become quite the fashion statement! Many people have recycled old extinguishers into furniture like lamps, tables even BBQ grilles.

However the most famous extinguisher art is by Niclas Castello. His designer extinguishers are sold to the Hollywood elite, including Beyoncé & Jay-Z having these designer extinguishers in their $95 million Beverly Hills mansion! But they are available to the public with a price tage of $9000 minimum!

9) Extinguishers come in a range of colours, including silver (click here to see our range of stainless steel) but only red fire extinguishers can be Kitemarked to BS-EN3 standards.

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